Creative Strategies Help Student Sell His First Home On Lease Option

Thank you for helping me do my FIRST deal! I want to take a minute to tell you about this deal.

This deal involved very creative strategies where I took the property subject-to the existing mortgage, and then sold it on a lease option…all in the same day, without me even being there! It took none of my own money or credit! I got paid $7,000 on the front end, get cash-flow every month, and will make a big payday when I sell the property on the back end – about another $20,000!

Without your teaching and guidance throughout the whole process, I would NEVER have done the deal. Thanks to you and your wealth of knowledge, I’ve been able to jump start my real estate business!

-Ryan S.
Orange County, CA

P.S. The deal was in central Tennessee, about 2,000 miles away, and I never had to leave So Cal to do the deal!

P.S.S. From first contact with the seller to having it SOLD and getting the $10,000 check, the total time lapsed was 22 days.

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