FreshComps is such a great system!

FreshComps is such a great system! I’ve used other comparable pulling programs before, but none of those are like FreshComps. I was able to pull an extremely accurate After Repair Value for my deal so much faster with it! Having Fresh Comps available to me has given me much more confidence in building my real estate investor business!


-Candy Edmonds, Painesville, OH

  1. Adrian Goram

    My first experience with FreshComps was AWESOME.
    To be candid, I saw FreshComp on my dashboard but I ignored it, thinking it was another “cute” trick for sale. Much to my surprise, it’s FREE. When I kept getting faulty comps from the old comp tool, I thought I give FreshComp a try, with the online chat assistance of the iFLIP support team. When I entered my property addresses, the comp data was easy to read and accurate with comps of a closer radius. The video about this tool was well described. When I compared my FreshComp to the data I got from an agent, the numbers were in the same ballpark with little variation. That was the litmus test I needed to see.
    Thanks Cam for another useful tool to add to my toolbelt.

    August 16th, 2018 // Reply

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