Is Cameron Dunlap a scam?

Is Cameron Dunlap a scam? Seriously?

Here’s the short answer… Certainly not! I’ve been in business for 20 years and have had the privilege of working with 10’s of thousands of clients during that period of time. One doesn’t stay in business for long if he/she is scamming people.

The longer, more detailed answer follows:

My name is Cameron Dunlap and I have been in the business of buying and selling Real Estate since 1993. In addition, I got my start teaching my proven Real Estate strategies in 1995.

I continue to buy, sell, rehab, fund, develop and manage residential and commercial properties to this day. In fact I’m busier than ever right now, because the market is so perfect. I couldn’t possibly pass up on the amazing deals that are out there. I’ve discovered that 2 of the primary reasons I’ve been so successful as an investor are, my attention to detail and my sense of fairness and loyalty when dealing with people.

On the teaching side of my business, what I have done is try to help people get closer to their dreams and goals of success. Their definition of success being just that… theirs. Along the way I have taught 10’s of thousands of good, hard working folks – like yourself, I’m sure. During all those years I have listened hard to my students, so I understand their challenges like I understand the challenges that I faced when I first got started in the business. By listening and desiring to help, I have developed a number of products and services, all with one goal in mind – to make doing deals possible for beginners, and easier for those doing the business. A few examples are:

No Fee Funding
Vacant House Gold
iFlip 2.0
Cash Buyer Data Feed
Private Lender Data Feed
Cameron’s Inner Circle
Unlimited Skip Trace

All were developed, and now continually improved, with the customer in mind. So they are comprehensive, up to date, easy to use, well supported and affordably priced.

The question is, have we been able to make EVERY SINGLE customer we’ve done business with over the years, perfectly happy? The answer is No. I don’t think any business has ever made EVERY SINGLE customer happy.

Customer satisfaction is without a doubt our number one goal. In fact, I believe that revenue is secondary to making your customers happy. If they’re happy, the revenue will come. We consider ourselves to be fundamentally “customer centric”.

But even with that in our fabric, it’s just impossible to please everyone.

What I have observed over the years is that for every one unhappy customer there are 500 or 1000 happy ones, yet in a few cases, it’s the rare unhappy one that will speak up. You know what they say… A happy customer will tell 2 or 3 people, while an unhappy customer will tell 10. Now, with the presence of the “Wild Wild Web”, an unhappy customer is able to have a voice that can be heard world wide – and anonymously. With that anonymity, I find, sometimes comes exaggeration, personal attack and even dishonesty.

What we often find is that an unhappy customer just isn’t clear on something, or needs a little help and we either don’t know it, or they start complaining before we’ve had a chance to fix the problem. Then… it’s too late. The damage to me and my company is done.

So if you search on Cameron Dunlap Complaints or Cameron Dunlap Scam, or something like it, you’ll likely find a complaint or 2. When you’re in business… they come with the territory. There’s just no 2 ways about it. I am certainly no exception.

Just DON’T let that convince you that we won’t treat you like a million bucks. We will. The feedback we get is that we treat people much better than out competitors do. When you do business with me and my team, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. That’s who we are and why we’ve been so successful for so many years.

My very best regards,

Cameron Dunlap

  1. Daryl

    I Received your advertisement in the mail today. Of course your experience is priceless! I purchased a home a few years ago for a primary residence and the prices for homes were much lower. A lot of people here in Atlanta GA purchased homes at much higher prices than they are worth right now; so they are staying far away from Real Estate. Yes, we do have people investing in flipping homes here (some are Slum Lords.). My question is: “Should one obtain a Real Estate License first if they are going to invest in Flipping Homes”? Most Banks I know did not loosen their suffocating grip on money. An example: I went to get a line of credit from a Credit Union to add hardwood floors in the home. I was refused because a woman just purchased a home in the neighborhood for 40,000, the lowest ever in this area. I did not know the Credit Union based the value of all of our homes and credit on this one purchase, I felt like they did not care about improving the neighborhood. I saved the funds for the hardwood floors For those Investors who have the credit and it’s free and clear, you can always get good rates on loans.

    August 1st, 2014 // Reply
    • Cameron Dunlap

      Daryl, a Real Estate license is not necessary to do what I teach. Some choose to get it for access to the MLS and for the ability to use their commission as a bargaining chip. If you do decide to get it, when you’re buying, I suggest you consider waiving commissions where ever possible so the listing agent ends up making more. He/She will get “both sides” of the commission and in most cases make twice as much on the deal. That agent will really appreciate the gesture and it will likely be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

      My $0.02.


      November 6th, 2014 // Reply

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